Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 34th Birthday John!!

I hope John had a great birthday, I know I enjoyed it!! We drove to Vevay, IN to stay the night at a Bed and Breakfast. After we checked in we met his mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law for dinner at the local winery for a steak dinner. It was delicious!! Each couple got a steak, potato, dessert, and a bottle of wine for a set price. We had such a good time! The winery is located on the Ohio River so John and I posed in front of it. It was a beautiful night to eat outside on the deck.

This was taken after dinner and 4 bottles of wine : ) John and I bought a bottle to share at the Bed and Breakfast for later on that night.

This was just showing what we were really there for. We had a great time and even met some people from St. Francisville, LA there! They saw my car's license plate that says "Louisiana" on it and they had to find out who it belonged to. After we left, we went back to the B&B.

It was built in 1874. It's on the Indiana Paranormal Registry. We did not know that going into it. John asked when we checked in if it was haunted and they guy, very casually, mentioned it may have a ghost or two. Once we got into our room, I started to read the guest book from previous guests. It really started to perk my interest when almost every post said something about "friends" in the house. Whether it was seeing their "friends" again, or hearing music from their "friends" during the night, and so on. I was very intrigued to also learn that a Paranormal group stayed there in February. Obviously this place had a little more than a couple of ghosts. The B&B had a wine tasting when we checked in so of course we had to check that out as well. We met the owner Lisa who was very nice, but not really excited to tell us about the ghosts. She just said there were 7 ghosts total and that they were very nice. She also said one of them was a woman who likes to flirt and if she thought John was single, she may kiss his neck during the night. I was cracking up and John wasn't really laughing at all. When Lisa realized I was very much into learning about the ghosts and the house she was more than willing to open up.
She said they make themselves known quite often. They like to hide her puzzle pieces, turn tv's on and off. If she leaves the house, they get mad and things stop working until she gets back. Lisa said she has a bunch of pictures with orbs in them. If you don't know what an orb is, it's when the spirit is in your picture. It's a white circle and they can be different sizes. She said we should take a picture and wait a second and take another and we'll see orbs. Well, she wasn't lying. I took pictures Sat. night and wasn't quite sure what to look for so I didn't think anything of it. At breakfast this morning she showed us alot of pictures and I knew what I should be looking for. Holy Crap! Almost every single picture has orbs in them. It was crazy.

This is a picture of the dining room. I thought I would take it and blog it, not realizing that the white circle on the left side of the picture between the candle and door is an orb. It's not showing up to good on here because it's a small picture but John and I had them all on the computer at a large size and we saw soooo many. There is even one that looks like it's on John's shirt. This is a continuing blog. You have to see more!!

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