Sunday, June 7, 2009

Read blog after this one first!!!!

Ok, read the blog under this one before you read this one. This is continuing from the last post. I took a few of these and sure enough, an orb showed up in the mirror at the top. John was probably tired of being in all the pictures but we would call the ghosts over and sure enough they were in the pictures. One time I told them to come sit by me and John took the picture and we couldn't see anything in the picture. When we put it on the computer and it was bigger, there were orbs all above my head.
There is a picture where they are all on the ceiling. John said "There isn't any way that there is that many ghosts." I said it looked like it was one ghost that was moving. Sure enough I looked it up and they said that happens alot in pictures. John took 2 pictures in a row and it looked like it was moving closer to me.
This is the one where it's on his shirt. I think if you click on the picture it may get bigger for you to see. But I took about 5 of this particular picture because they were all over the place. This is the attic we were able to tour. I believe this is the second picture of the ones I took. It's on the right side of his shirt, kind of blending in with the words but on a bigger screen, you can see it clearly.

This was the first of 5 I took. Are you kidding me??!!! On his left it looks like there are 4 orbs, however, in a bigger picture there are about 8. This attic was FILLED with them!

I had to pick and choose pictures for this posting. I really couldn't choose, so I tried to find the pictures with the best orbs in them. Of course I have a few more shots of just this picture and there isn't anything on the armoire on any of the others. I know it's hard to grasp what your seeing, especially if your not a believer. However, I am a big believer so it's a little easier for me. I can just feel them in that house. John is not someone who believes in ghosts however, he was a little put off by the time we left. I think he believes just a little now : ) Also, "someone" turned off our AC in the middle of the night. I had the dress I wore today hanging in the armoire last night and in the middle of the night I thought I heard John going to the bathroom and opening the armoire and messing around with the hangers. I was wondering what he was doing with my dress. I asked him about it this morning and he said he never got up to go to the bathroom at all during the night. So, that's my story!

This was the very first picture I took that I noticed right away had an orb in it. John didn't believe me at first because I kept shooting picture after picture, and of course it wasn't there again or it was in another place. His exact words were "You should have seen your face when you first saw it." I think my heart stopped. It was so big!! Someone pointed out the windows behind John but those are the locks on the windows. Just the one orb on left side of picture. It was absolutely crazy. I think I uploaded 90 pictures this afternoon just from the B&B : )
It was an amazing experience and I thougth about my grandma the whole time, because I know she would have enjoyed the whole experience with me! I think that's where I get my ghost loving from : )
So, I hope John had a great birthday. We had such an adventure and I cant wait to stay there again!

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Laurie said...

I believe! And I want to go stay there too.