Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Bachelorette Party!!

This was the most fun weekend! I had a really hard week and I was looking forward to having some fun! Friday night John, his dad, his mom, his niece, and I went out to dinner then went see the musical Wicked. It was so amazing!! I had goosebumps all night!! Saturday night was my bachelorette party!! These two girls here, Kate and Angela, put my whole day together. It's amazing that I have only lived here for a year but I feel like I have known them for years. They are the absolute best! They surprised me by picking me up at 11:30 for pedicures.

We had a jello shot before we left. Riley wanted in on what we were doing, but he shouldn't have alcohol : ) They brought the decorations, which were alot, and Kate had given me a "bachelorette" sash, camera, wine, vodka, and a book for everyone to sign. Angela brought Hawaiian theme plates, napkins, cups, and a ton of jello shots.

These are our feet when we were finished with the pedicure. Mine are a bright pink for the wedding!! After we left, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and beers. I had a nap after.

Kate got a Pure Romance lady to come over for a party. If you don't know what that is, google it. I'm not explaining on my blog!! I got ALL KINDS of gifts!! I was told to have a "wish list"and not only was that all bought, some people bought me things that weren't on the list. However, the Pure Romance lady didn't bring much stuff, which was very weird and I'm not sure why, so I won't get 90% of the things bought for me until AFTER we get back from Florida!! Hello, those things were supposed to be for the honeymoon!! Oh well.... There were alot of games and laughter!!

After the Pure Romance party, most ladies left to go home, however there were a few of us who were ready to party! We drove to an area in Indianapolis called Broadripple. It's mostly bars and college kids. We went to a bar called Peppers and danced until about 1am. We took a cab home and about 4 girls slept over. We talked until about 2 and headed off to bed. It was such a great night! About 15 women were at my party so it really was a ton of fun!
John had his bachelor party last night as well. John, his dad, best friend Bob, Bob's boyfriend Mike, and his friend Glen went out to eat and to a place called the Rathskeller. It's a beer garden and it has a dome outside to sit out, drink, and enjoy music. He had a great time and was home in bed by 11:30. We both had great nights! We woke up about the same time and I rolled over and said "one week from today". YaY!!!

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Laurie said...

Glad you had fun and I am sure John did too!