Friday, November 26, 2010

Ding Dong, The Bed is Gone!

The water bed is DEAD! Can you believe it? And it was completely out of my hands!! No, I did not sabotage it as everyone has asked me. John had a really hard time putting it back together when we moved in. He was able to drill some extra screws in it and make it work. I was a little sad because I thought I was finally going to get a new grown up  bed. One week later (this past Sunday) he was tucking in the sheets and realized 2 boards that were screwed together had come apart. (It's the 2 boards he's standing next to). I even tried to help him put it back together. It wasn't happening. The bed had died and IT WASN'T MY FAULT THAT HE HAD TO GIVE UP HIS BABY!!!! The weekend before we had went to Ikea and both fell in love with a bed that we decided would be next. I told him he had about 3 more months with his precious water bed then it was time to go and he had agreed so he knew it was coming. Anyway, so Monday morning I trekked to Ikea and bought our bed. John and I would go buy the mattress Tuesday night. This is John letting the water out. (see the orbs in the picture? Just sayin)
While he was at work I moved all the water bed pieces to the side and unpacked the Ikea boxes and put the bed together myself.
Tuesday night I met John at Ikea after he got off from work. We met around 5:20pm. We bought our king size mattress and box springs. The box springs look like 2 twin size beds and they fit in the back of the car and we tied down the hatch. The mattress, well let me tell you, that thing had to fit on top of the car. We tied it down with the bits of tweed string that Ikea gave us. The moment we got on the highway I started to feel the mattress slipping off the car. We pulled over. And by "we" I mean me, John, and the cop who was pulling us over. He pointed us to a truck stop place where we would find some rope and we left, thankfully without a ticket or causing an accident. We finally make it to the truck stop and bought some ropes as well as a huge strap with a lever thing on it that tightens the rope as you move it. It worked but we had to take back roads home and I couldn't go over 30 mph. It was horrible!! We got home at 8:30pm and I threw dinner (that I had pre cooked thank goodness) in the oven. We didn't eat dinner until 9pm and we had to put the mattress in the house. This is what the car looked like the next morning.

But this is the end result. :) Our water bed sheets are a little short, they don't cover the whole mattress on the sides, as well as our quilt. But it is soooo comfortable. We love it!
The bed with the curtains. See the orbs again? Uh huh... just sayin (again)
Riley loves it too.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud reading this!! Are you sure you didn't have a hand in this/ maybe it was your friendly ghosts!


Michelle Claire said...

Haha! Maybe it could have been.... :)