Friday, November 26, 2010

Moving Vacation (Day 3)

I was wrong. I ended the last post with "Tomorrow, Nebraska". I forgot we stayed in Lincoln that night. So this is a little bit of a continuation from the first post. On day 2 we drove through Iowa, then about 80 miles into Nebraska. Our overnight was great! We drove downtown and they had an amazing Mexican place to eat at. It was so good and has kept us hungry for it ever since then.
 The next day was a 6 and 1/2 hour drive. We drove straight through Neb. and about 60 miles into Wyoming. This is a really cool bridge we drove under.
 We stopped at the Pony Express house. It was really cool to see. The Pony Express was a fast mail service from the plains to California in 1860.
 The Pony Express house. You can see how small it is just by looking at John.
 Riley and I posing
 Family picture
 We drove for another few hours and came to a very small town with a winery. This is a mural painted on a wall next to the post office.
 The town. This is about it. The lady at the winery said 492 people lived in this town. I asked if everyone knew everyone's business and she said yes.
 We mailed some things at this post office. Wasn't sure if anyone would get it. It was sooo tiny inside!
 Winery where we bought a bottle of wine.
 Nebraska view. You can see for miles.
 As we neared Wyoming, it was getting a little bit more moutainous (is that a word?)
 Riley looking bored.
 Big Mary statue just a mile from entering WY.
 Welcome to Wyoming!!!
 View for most of the way from NE to WY.
We stayed in Cheyenne that night. I have tons more pics to post!

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