Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Moving Vacation! (Day 1 and 2)

I finally have the time to sit and write about our little family vacation. I'm not so sure if packing up our life and driving 2,200 miles, as well as moving to an entire different state is "little", but you get my drift. It started on Moving Day, as you can see. We loved our driver. He was really cool and took great care of our things. This is the first day the movers arrived.
 John not looking so happy about everything going on. He was such a trooper. I know how hard it is to move away from family but he was pretty positive, even when I knew it was hard to manage. I'm really proud of him.
 The movers came on a Monday. They packed Monday and loaded the truck Tuesday. John and I locked up the house, said our goodbyes, and took off around noon on Wednesday. Our first night we stayed in Moline, IL. Not the best place in the world but it was a 5 hour drive and we knew we would be exhausted. Moline is also in central time. We lost an hour that day. Welcome to Illinois!!
 Not sure what city this is, John had the camera. Everyday I drove the first 3-4 hours then we switched.
 This bridge was kinda cool, especially with the clouds. We were really lucky in having pretty great weather for most of the trip. It rained in Nevada, but it wasn't bad at all. Mostly just drizzle. Moline was pretty good. The hotel was ok and we ended up ordering food from a little bar. We didn't know it was a little bar until we got there, but the food was amazing!
 Day 2! Welcome to Iowa! I've never been to any of these states when I wasn't flying. It was really interesting to see the landscaping. It was what I pictured, but picturing it and seeing it were two different things. It was all very beautiful.
 A picture of Riley and all of our stuff packed up. Ri did a great job traveling. He mostly slept and hung out in the back looking out the window.
 A water tower with a smiley face :)
 The wind mills were the coolest! You can see in this picture how big they are compared to the cars. They were everywhere! It was really cool.
 We saw a sign for a winery and decided to exit. It was  a little off the beaten path but we were only driving about 5 hours that day so we had all the time in the world. It was a really cute shop and the vineyards were right behind the shop. It was literally in someones back yard. The lady was really nice and took the time to draw us a map to a little town to get food. (The town was about 100 people, it was so small!)
 Riley had to wait in the car.
 We did alot of eating on the road! We picked up McDonald's every morning, lunch to go every afternoon, and we either ate out or take out every night. We were so tired of eating out by the time we got to CA. We tried to find different places so we weren't stopping at the same places. We were known to go out of our way for a Popeye's or something. Tomorrow...Nebraska!

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