Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Months!

Can you believe Jude is already 3 months old? Me neither. Our boy is getting sweeter and more beautiful everyday. He's developing wonderfully! It is so awesome watching him grow. I love his reactions to new experiences in his environment. He is starting to laugh and play alot these days. Mommy and Daddy crack him up! Mornings are his best time and he plays and plays for a couple of hours. His nap schedule is getting better, but that's all about to change with our trip to Louisiana. :)

Playing with daddy's hat
 He loves the mirror in our room. We spend alot of time sitting in front of it singing songs and trying to figure out the people we see. :)
 This is Kyle's old toy from like 20 years ago. It's an airplane so of course we wanted it. John put on his newborn aviator hat and we had a good ole' time with the camera. He really enjoys this toy. Jude loves standing (with help) and he tries to run. In this toy he can move his legs really fast and he will spin around.
 Captain Jude
 3 Months Old! He's sitting easily in his bumbo with awesome head control. :)
 Half of a smile
 Jude and his new friend Jackson. They were fast friends. :)
 We are still continuing to go to our mommy and me Gymboree class. Jude really enjoys it and has lots of fun playing with their toys. I'm sure Santa will be bringing him some of the toys he likes to play with. ;)

John has Veteran's Day off today so he was able to come to class with us. This is the start of class....
 Tummy time! Jude usually hates tummy time but he enjoys it in class. I'm not sure if it's all the babies, the mirror, or the plastic balls spinning in front of his face, but he likes it!
 Snack time! He was getting a little fussy so John gave him a quick 2oz snack to hold him over. It worked and Jude went right back into play mode.
 Jude's favorite toy by a mile! Momma will bring this home way before Santa does! He absolutely loves this toy drum. It has a bunch of beads in it that makes the sound of  rain. It is also a drum so when you tap it all the colored beads jump around. Jude can't ever seem to take his eyes off of it.
Class was a success and afterwards we headed to a place called Smashburger for lunch. Jude usually has a good nap after Gymboree so he slept the whole time while John and I had a lunch date. We're getting in some serious family time before we're apart for a week. Now we're back home and we're excited to take our family Christmas pictures tomorrow!

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Laurie said...

Happy 3 months! Can't wait to see yall!!