Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I started the morning off by looking at this beautiful face.

Hi Mom!
 John, Jude, and I spent the morning at our friends Michele and Russ's house. Michele made a breakfast casserole and mimosa's. Delish!
Me and Ella. I'm enjoying a tasty mimosa.
 After we left their house we headed home where Jude and I took a two hour nap. After I woke up I made a mac and cheese and then we headed to our friends Sabina and Nasson's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so wonderful because all of our friends, Michele, Russ, their daughters Grace and Ella, Erin, Randy, their son Jackson, Sabina, Nasson, and Sabina's parents were there. It was awesome company and amazing food!
John, Russ, and their babies :)

Jude and Ella

Ms. Grace

Moms and our babies

The fabulous four (or five).

Jude and best friend Jackson
 There were a few attempts to get all the kids together....
1st attempt




5th... and we're done!

My family :)
It was an awesome Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for all of our friends here who have become like family. Tomorrow I will be joining a gym! Haha let's see how long that lasts....

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Laurie said...

So glad you had a great thanksgiving!