Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nothing but Bug

These are just a few randoms of Jude this week.

Baby boy napping. I love how he snuggles his blanket under his tummy. Sometimes all of his blankets and his socks are under his stomach. :)

Pulling himself up everywhere!

Playing with Daddy and his hat.

 Roxy is staying at our house for a week and Jude has found a new fascination with her kennel. Every time I turn around he's trying to crawl in it.

Watching morning cartoons.

I bring him into the bathroom with me when I get ready in the morning and his new favorite thing to do is go straight into the shower to play.

A video of Jude talking. He's not saying dada yet, but we're trying! He likes to say "baba". This kid has some serious energy.

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