Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lots going on!

Jude and I have been busy the past few days. I finally have time to blog about it. :)
Jude was up at 5am and here we are watching early morning cartoons.
Daddy's home!!! Jude was super excited to see John, as was I, and they had a great afternoon together Thursday.
Pool time with Daddy

Friday I met Erin, Jackson, Lauren, and Ms. S for lunch. John didn't work until later that afternoon, so I went solo while he stayed with Jude.
Ms. S

Her gorgeous shoes!

Silly Jackson

Poor Jude has a goose egg on his forehead from falling face first onto the kitchen floor. Poor guy. :(

Finally cleaned his highchair seat.

Love this baby

Jude has found Riley's bowls!

"Capt. Cool"

Playdate with Erin and Jackson at the new kiddie area at the mall.

He was so tired and he kept cuddling with his puffs.

We had a fabulous day yesterday at our playdate!!! We went to our friend Catherine's and baby Jack's house for brunch and mimosa's. We met up with other moms and babies as well. Super fun! 
All of the babies playing. (From left: Jackson, Wyatt, Jackson, Jack, Ella, and Jude)

My baby boy playing

Ms. Grace

Jude and his BFF Jackson

Everyone minus Wyatt and his mom.

Moms and babies

Love my girlfriends!

A few more pictures of the babies....

Today was an awesome day for a picnic!!! I packed us a lunch, grabbed some quilts, and loaded everyone into the car before Jude's nap time. It was such a beautiful day and we had an awesome family outing. :)
Picnic lunch in Ma-B's old picnic basket.

My family

Trying to eat and play at the same time. :)

Finally getting around to 10 month pictures. I'm a bit late....


*heart melting*

Jude and Daddy

Jude spitting and Mommy

Jude and Mommy
 I thought it was hysterical that he kept putting the sticker in his mouth like a dog. This kid cracks me up everyday. He has such a wonderful personality!

The original boys

Looking like his Daddy.

We had a wonderful few days and now we're getting ready for July 4th and for the Oges' visit!!!

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