Friday, August 22, 2008


I am almost finished with my classroom! I have spent many, many hours on it. Most of you know I am not the creative one. I like to look at something that exists and I'm good to go. This whole classroom was bare and white. I had no idea what I was going to do. My class is the Lions. I got to pick the animal and I didn't want anything like tigers,fish,ladybugs, or bears. I want to have the most fierce class (and I'm afraid I will and that statement will come back and bite me on the butt!!!) However, I still can't get away from loving airplanes. *sigh* I do love them and wanted them all over my class. But that wasn't possible. So here are some pictures of my classroom.
I most certainly did NOT make this. I had the blue paper and white border (for the clouds) and I knew I wanted an airplane. Another teacher did this for me and thank goodness because it is so much better than anything I could have done!! There will be little clouds around it with the kids names on them.
Again, I did everything but the lion himself. That other teacher is a serious artist!! Behind where I am taking this picture is a parent bulletin board right outside the classroom that says "I'm not lion". Haha get it?But this is the door to the classroom. Ok, moving on...
This is just the other side of the classroom. The birthday board and letter/number board and chalk board. That little kid is eating snack and doesn't speak English.
In the back area is my rug and reading area. The big blue container that the kids are playing in is called a sensory table. Apparently ever room in every classroom across the US has one now. It's full of beans or corn or water. It's been "proven" to help kids calm down and feel "centered". My kids just like to knock the beans out. My little calendar is in the backround. (The green thing) I made that whole thing and I was very proud of it. Everything is straight and velcroed. We start school on Monday and I'm a little nervous only because of all the new kids I'm going to have that I haven't met yet, but I'm excited because I got my schedule and I'm done every day at 4:30. Yay!!

Other than that, this weekend I'm going to a baby shower and doing some lesson plans. That's about it!!

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Laurie said...

Your room looks great and there is nothing better than a "Mighty Lion"! You are creative and the longer it goes, the more creative you will become. Love you and miss you honey.