Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kare Bear Visits!!

Karie, Reed, and Reynolds came to Indianapolis to visit. They got here Friday afternoon and left this morning. It was so good seeing them, I was missing my Kare Bear and baby Reynolds. The last time I saw them was 2 months ago and he has grown! We had a great time. We shopped,ate, and talked alot. I'm so glad they were able to make it up here to visit and I can't wait to see them again!! Reynolds shirt has little guitars on it. It was so cute on him!
My Kare bear and I. I'm gonna miss her!
John and Riley hopped in this picture. John was such a huge help with all the cleaning, cooking, and being where I needed him to be. (I needed someone to keep checking my roast). SO, all in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I am super excited I get tomorrow off!!! Yay!!!

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Laurie said...

Reynolds sure has grown since the last pics I saw of him. He is so cute and Karie is so cute too! I sure would like to visit one day with them. Glad yall had fun. Love you