Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's talk about sex baby

Hold on to your panties, I don't really want to talk about sex. I want to talk about school. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell most of you that I enrolled in two classes this semester. I wanted to take a math but because I am a "new" student I had to wait until everyone else scheduled their classes before I got to pick out of the leftovers. With this school, if you schedule then don't pay your tuition after 10 days, they drop your classes. While I was talking to my counselor, she showed me that there wasn't much to chose from at all. There weren't any classes I really wanted. I knew I wanted an English for sure, but that and math are usually the first to go. I went home wondering what the hell I was going to do or take for school. I decided to get back online and check out the classes. The next thing I knew I saw an English (that wasn't there an hour before) so I immediately grabbed it and tried to make it mine. The only problem? I had to also take a psychology class with it. It would NOT let me register without that one class. So, I thought whatever and decided to take 2 classes. The perfect thing about these two? They were both on Tuesdays and Thursday and the timing was PERFECT! I decided it was fate. It was at least one class that I wanted, on the days I wanted, and the times I wanted (9:30am-12:20pm).

Oh, and the psych class? Human Sexuality. Um, ok. I can handle that.

Fast forward to my first day of school. I have psych first so I go into class and see the tons of people trying to get added and I'm wondering how lucky I must have actually been to get into this class. Come to find out, the reason I had to take both classes together is because the teachers are friends and decided to co-teach. Not only will I be learning all about sex, but when I go to English I'll be writing all about sex! My college career as of now is revolved around sex. These are my books. The one on the left is for English and the one on the right is for psych. Lovely.
Yesterday was our first real day of school. Oh. My. God. I'm not writing about what happened because I think there may be youngins reading this, but let's just say uncomfortable. I'm not one to go talk, read, write, and share stories all about it, unless we're girlfriends then you know most of what goes on in my, ahem, life.

And to top it all off, I am the only one over the age of like 23, as well as the only one with a child (though mine is still gestating). I'm closer to the teachers age, who also has a baby, than I am to my peers. I am so looking forward to what this semester has in store for me. Who knows, maybe I'll learn a thing or two. ; )


Anonymous said...

I really think you should carry those on your next plane ride...surely will produce interesting conversation with the person near you :)) HAHA love it. ---ksue

Kendra Rodriguez said...

That is hilarious. Good for you going back to school. I did it while I was with child and it was great, I felt smarter ;-)Study hard, which should make everyone happy!

Michelle Claire said...

Thanks Kendra, I'm not sure how you still go to school with 4 kids!!! I look forwards to my classes, though :)

LINDA said...

Class will never be dull!