Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's becoming more real!

 Our office is now a nursery. We still need to move the computer out, but besides that, these have moved in....

The boxed was just opened.

                              The guys putting the crib together, though Thelma and I helped.                                      

Finished product

 We thankfully were able to get the floor model so the guys didn't have to put this together.

This actually took them the longest to put together, but it's so comfortable and perfect for the room.

David and Thelma are here for the long holiday weekend and we've been having a great time. It rained the first two days they were here but yesterday and today have been beautiful. We had our nails done, shopped, and haven't stopped eating yet. Yet, there's been lots of relaxation. It's my dream weekend! : ) We had a great weekend and it's going to be hard to see them off tomorrow.

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