Wednesday, April 6, 2011

22 Weeks

How far along: 22 Weeks.
Total weight gain: 10 lbs total, but I'm sure I've gained a pound or two in the last week. My belly has definitely hit another growth spurt. I'm also noticing my face definitely looks bigger (fatter).
Maternity clothes: I only wear jersey knit pants, a pair of maternity jeans, a few maternity shirts, some of John's t-shirts, and most of my regular shirts. I bought 2 pairs of maternity shorts this weekend. I attempted to try on a pair of regular shorts with a band around the top. Hahahahahahaha!!!! No way, no how. I ended up at motherhood maternity shelling out a fortune just so I could have shorts to wear and I'm glad I did because it's hot and I've already worn them.
Sleep: I'm sleeping all night, every night (crossing fingers). I'm starting to get allergies (I think) so the past couple of nights have been a little rough but I slept all last night.
Best Moment this week: Kate coming to visit! We had so much fun! Also, last night John felt the baby kick for the first time.          
Movement:  He doesn't stop! I love it. It's the best feeling in the world. He's also hiccuping. Now that is a strange feeling!
Gender: Boy!
Labor signs: None. Hopefully I won't have any for another (gulp) 18 weeks.
Belly button: Slowly but surely, it's making it's way out. It's not all the way out, but it's halfway there.
Cravings: Food.       
What I miss: As of right now, nothing. 
Stretch Marks: *Sigh*  The line by the belly button has gotten darker.
What baby is up to: At 11 inches and almost 1 pound, your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. If you could see inside your womb, you'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that covers his body and the deep wrinkles on his skin, which he'll sport until he adds a padding of fat to fill them in.
What I am looking forward to this week: I'm looking forward to the weekend. By then my 3 (!!!) papers for English should be completed. We are also going refrigerator shopping because WE RENTED OUR HOUSE!!! Thank goodness! We took our refrigerator with us so we're buying one for the house in Indy. It's also my last weekend at home before I fly to Louisiana for my baby shower, which I'm super pumped about. I also get to see my family! I haven't seen my mom since Christmas so I'm really wanting the time to fly so I can see her. John's parents are driving down for the shower and I'm really excited to see them as well. It's going to be alot of fun. Also, today I'm going have lunch with 3 other ladies and I'm so excited about it. Saturday we're going shopping, not sure where though. I have alot to look forward to the next couple of weeks and I know the time is going to fly by and before I know it, it'll be May.

22 Weeks and a bigger face. It's also first thing in the morning.
 We walked to Baskin Robbins the other night and Riley had a cup of whipped cream.
 His hat.
 Such a precious boy.
 We've about finished the nursery. The wall decals are removable so I'm thinking about putting our baby's name on the wall behind his bed. And yes, there is an orb on the crib.

 The two airplanes on the wall behind the glider are wall hooks. They are so cute and we have a place to hang something if we need to.

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Laurie said...

I am sure that orb is MaB and she is going to be looking out for Baby! Can't wait to see you cause I miss you lots, love you