Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jude Has Arrived!!!

Our perfect little boy has made his way into this world! Jude David was born August 9th with a full head of hair weighing 7lbs,15oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. It was a long labor but thankfully I got an epidural and was able to relax until he was ready. I pushed about 10 minutes before I heard the best cry ever (which in turn made me cry). :) We are now settled back home. John and I had a very long night with him, but today he's sleeping and eating and we're getting a chance to just hold and enjoy him. I'll blog more later but I just wanted to put up some pictures for everyone. Some are on FB already.

Right after I got an epidural.

Meeting Jude for the first time. It still chokes me up thinking about it.

My little chunky monkey :)

His first bath.

Right after delivery.

Daddy and Jude

Ready to go home!

Brothers meeting for the first time.

Our family of four.

His first sleep after being up ALL NIGHT LONG!

My favorite face in the world.

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Christine said...

So, so cute!! Congrats to you and John again.