Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parents Visit

Mom and Keith have been here for over a week and we've been having a great time waiting for baby to arrive. With all of the contractions I had/have been having, we thought he would have arrived by now. Guess not. He's a sneaky little thing! :)

We have been relaxing, as well as going out to do things. As I sit here and write this I can't think of anything we've done. It's the pregnancy brain. They have helped clean the house, cook dinner, and do little odds and ends.

We went to Walmart the other day and the patio furniture was all on clearance, so John and I decided to (finally) buy an outdoor set. Later on John and Keith went to Home Depot and found an amazing gazebo tent type thing. Merry Early Christmas to us!! Mom and Keith got it for us for our Christmas gift and we LOVE it! They also put the whole thing together one morning after John went to work. We have been using it so much. We love to go out first thing in the morning and eat breakfast. John and I just ate lunch out there in the middle of the day. It's hot outside, but being under the shade with the breeze was perfect. I am looking forward to heading out there in the morning with my little man and relaxing in the fresh air. :)

 Riley rocking my hairband. Poor guy had to go to the vet yesterday because his itching got really bad this past week. He is back on steroids and is peeing like crazy. At least the itching has stopped for the most part. That was so miserable for him. Otherwise, he's doing well and we are starting to find him in the baby's room more often.
 Since the arrival of my parents, we have had our share of donuts! I love waking up to the smell of sugar. Ha! Thanks Mom and Keith for making donut runs!
Other than this, nothing much is going on. I don't want to travel too far just in case, so we are (im)patiently waiting for baby's arrival. We've had some family game nights which are a blast and I am looking forward to the next one! My due date is Wednesday and it's also my appt. day so hopefully I'll have some good news to share!

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Laurie said...

Mmmmm, donuts! I saw those and forgot what else you wrote about!