Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jude's First Bath

Jude got his first official bath last night. We had been sponge bathing him because of his umbilical cord, but since that has fallen off it was time for a real bath. He did really well and seemed to somewhat enjoy it. However, he did not like being taken out of the warm water. He cried until we warmed him up. We put a gown and socks on him then swaddled him tight and he was happy again. :)
He looks so tiny here!

My friend blogged about the turtle you see on him. It soaks up the warm water and then you lay it on top of him so he stays warm. Jude squirmed so much it kept falling off, but it seemed to keep him warm when it was on him.

I have a feeling our little man is going to be rolling over sooner than later. He's almost there already!

Remember when I blogged about the maya wrap I bought? My 8lb, 11oz baby is in it and loving it! It took me a bit to figure out how to maneuver him and the sling, but I figured it out and Jude loves it. He usually falls right asleep in it so I have to keep hm out of it during his awake times.

We all had a great night! Jude slept for 6 straight hours until 4am. John fed him and put him back to bed about 4:30 and he didn't wake up again until 8am. In other words, Mom got a whole nights sleep!!! I hope it wasn't a fluke and the same sleep patterns continue. I'm sooo not complaining because we feed him at 9pm and he's asleep in bed about 9:45. He sleeps until 2am, back to bed, up at 6am, back to bed, then we wake him up at 9am. He's a really good sleeper and doesn't have his days and nights mixed up. We are totally blessed with such an amazing baby!!!

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Laurie said...

So, so sweet! lots of kisses...