Saturday, April 21, 2012

8 Months and Counting!

My sweet baby boy (OMG I won't be able to say "baby" too much longer!) is 8 months old. Where oh where is the time going? Just yesterday I was 8 months pregnant and I was  impatiently awaiting his arrival. Jude is getting so big. He's well over 20 pound, longer than 28 inches (from his last appointment), and is very solid and not really chunky at all. He loves music and especially loves when we dance, which is quite often. His face lights up when "I'm sexy and I know it" comes on. Apparently we dance alot to it.  He laughs constantly and loves snuggling with his Momma. Other people comment on how Jude is such a cuddler with me and their babies have grown out of that. It makes me feel good. I love to snuggle.

Jude loves laughing at his daddy and as of yesterday has started a saying "dadadada". He no longer wants John to put him to bed, but in exchange he also loves playing with his daddy alot more than me. I'll take that trade off. :) People are commenting almost daily on his beautiful olive skin. Jude has 2 bottom teeth, 1 top tooth, and another top tooth about to break through.

This baby has kept John and I awake every single night for the past few weeks (except last night), and yet I can't stop staring at him and feeling so blessed. Jude has brought more joy to my life than I've ever had in my 29 years of life. I was meant to be a mother. But not any mother, Jude's mom. There are some days I'm so exhausted and I can't think straight and yet I find any spare moment to hold and snuggle him. There are days I'm beyond frustrated, but it's never at him. It's at the situation (ie: not sleeping). Jude is an extension of me and I LOVE it. I LOVE having another person that I love more than anything in the world being apart of me. I'm not a fan of needy people and being smothered, but Jude is the only person that can smother me and I savor it. He's not going to want to be all over me in the near future so I'm trying to enjoy every moment.

I think one of the best compliments I've gotten is from people who see us alot and they always comment on how close Jude and I are. I love hearing that. I know we are, but I like that it's noticeable to the world. Anyway, here are 8 month pictures of the most amazing, sweet, lovable, and beautiful baby in the world. :)

We had a play date with Nina and Evan. This is the boys in the back of my car.

Playing at the park. Jude and I read books and laid around talking to each other. This was also the first time he started saying "dadada".

I kiss all of his body, but I can't keep his feet out of my mouth. I love his tootsies and he laughs everytime I playfully bite them. Hehe.

Giving daddy a swim break and swimming with Momma!

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Laurie said...

Happy 8 months!!! Can't wait to see him..