Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yesterday was such a nice day that we decided to take Jude and Riley to the park. We strolled around until we came up to the play area. Last time Jude and I went he loved the swings. Yesterday, not so much. 

"What is going on here?"

holding on tight

Towards the end he was actually falling asleep. I was cracking up!

falling asleep

Riley wearing Jude's hat.

John was outside grilling and I was cooking in the kitchen when all of a sudden I glanced over to check on him and I saw this. I quickly took a picture then rescued him. :) He was totally fine and it didn't faze him that the play gym toppled over him.

Today is another beautiful day and we'll be going for a walk again. We also got a babysitter for today so John and I could go see Channing Tatum. Um, I mean "21 Jump Street". ;)

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