Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teething Sucks

I went home to Louisiana for a few days this week to attend a funeral for my Uncle Bob. It was hard leaving Jude, but I knew it would be best if he stayed behind. My awesome husband kept me updated on my son the whole time. He also sent quite a few pics everyday. It kept me connected to Jude, especially when I was so far from him.

I arrived home yesterday to a baby who was VERY happy to see him momma. He fell asleep on the way home from the airport and it was the last smile I've seen. He was super cranky all afternoon. He was also biting everything he could find. Last night I looked into his mouth to see a tooth getting ready to pop out. The skin is already broken and I can see the white in the gums. Jude woke up in a fit this morning and he's already had tylenol, poor baby. The tooth hasn't come down yet, but his gums are swollen, I can still see the white, and the skin looks like a tooth had recently been pulled. Kinda weird looking. I know he's in pain and I'm just hoping that damn tooth comes through soon to give my baby some relief.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures John sent me the past few days...

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