Sunday, November 18, 2012

16 Weeks/ Jude pictures

Buddy boy having a great time at a play date.

We had our recipe play date, which was fantastic. Another mom announced she's pregnant!! This is some of the leftovers that everyone brought. Crescent roll casserole (mine), swedish meatballs, chili, flat bread chicken pizza, brie and bread, homemade cookies, and chili con queso dip (mine). There was also taco soup, which was fabulous!

Jude and Jackson playing.

We're watching Roxy for the week.

While I was pregnant with Jude, I knew I wanted an Ergo baby carrier, but it was really expensive and we needed so many more things. I decided to get the baby Bjorn, which I loved, but was very upset the day Jude got too big for it. I love wearing him. It's one of my most favorite things to do as a mom. Once he grew out of the Bjorn I told John I would like an Ergo baby. I had read so many wonderful things about it and I knew I could wear Jude on my back.
Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with P-yton, I told John we were getting one. Jude is getting too heavy to hold for long periods of time and we all know this baby likes me to hold him. Anyway, last weekend we ordered one (Thanks, Linda and Dad!), and it just arrived in the mail. I knew I would love it, but I LOVE it. I can carry Jude on my back for long periods of time and not feel a thing. And of course Jude is in heaven being carried by me.
It's going to be a hard day for Jude when he has to graduate from being carried and watching the new baby being toted around on me. :)
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures...
Wearing Jude on my back. He loves it!

Showing how P-yton will be worn in the front.

15/16 weeks. You can see belly better in next picture, but this one has Jude in it. :)

P-yton is getting big!! She/he popped this last week.
How far along: 16 Weeks.
Total weight gain: 1lb

Maternity clothes: No, but I'm in yoga pants. If I wear jeans I have to wear the belly band. I'm about to switch to maternity shirts only because mine are getting short in the front.
Sleep: I'm sleeping my heart out right now. I can't seem to ever want to stay awake, which is a challenge with a 1 year old.
Best Moment this week: Our recipe play date!
Movement: Yes. This baby is moving around like crazy now. His/her feet are right by my belly button and baby is kicking constantly.
Gender: Won't know for another 24 weeks!
Labor signs: Hopefully not for another 24 weeks.
Belly button: In
Cravings: Not much.
What I miss: I'm already mourning my one-on-one time with Jude. Love this boy.
Stretch Marks: None.
What baby is up to: Hanging out. Growing. Moving.
What I am looking forward to this week: Two fun play dates scheduled and Thanksgiving!

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