Thursday, November 29, 2012

17 Weeks/ Random Pictures

How far along: 17 Weeks. (My favorite week!!) I distinctly remember being 17 weeks pregnant with Jude.
Total weight gain: 1.5lbs

Maternity clothes: I'm about there. Jeans don't fit and shirts are starting to ride up a bit.
Sleep: It's a love/hate relationship. I can no longer sleep on my stomach so I'm getting used to a new sleeping position.
Best Moment this week: Jude and I have lived in our pjs this whole rainy week. So nice to just veg out. Today was our first play date outing at the mall this week.
Movement: Yes. This baby is moving around like crazy now.
Gender: Won't know for another 23 weeks!
Labor signs: Hopefully not for another 23 weeks.
Belly button: In
Cravings: Sugar
What I miss: I'm already mourning my one-on-one time with Jude. Love this boy.
Stretch Marks: None.
What baby is up to: Hanging out. Growing. Moving.
What I am looking forward to this week: We have a Christmas party Saturday night and so far there are 15 kids attending so it should be fun!

Celebrating Erin's birthday at our friends house.

Jude says he loves his new Christmas present, Nana and Poppa!

Jude helping Daddy put P-yton's dresser together.

Jude and Jackson are now into rolling all over the floor and on top of each other. They are such little boys!

Erin and I are finding ourselves saying "Jude, don't step on Jacksons face" and "Jackson, don't sit on Jude."

Avery tired boy eating Chipolte for dinner last night.

*Jude no longer smiles for the camera, FYI*
Helping with Christmas decorations.

Every year we write something and pack it away for the year. Apparently I felt very blessed last year. Still do. :)
 Random pictures I found on camera. :)


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