Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Pictures of Jude

Our awesome friend took our Christmas pictures this year. We have a really good family one for the Christmas card, but I thought I would share all the pictures she got of Jude. We took then in Erin's backyard, and they also took their family pictures as well. It was Jackson's nap time so he was a bit off, but some of these pictures crack me up. 

Our sweet boys

Jude, of course, found the rocks right away.

And he's off....

I think this one is funny. Jackson is crying and Jude is oblivious while he plays with his rocks.

Jude playing in the ball pit in their back yard.

Laughing at Jackson.

Good ole' sweet Riley.

The grass was super wet and after a while we just let them go. The bottom of his pants are so wet they started to weigh his pants down.

Our boys playing after picture taking. They lost their pants real quick!
We had a fun time taking pictures and I am so happy we got a great family one out of the mix. After the Christmas cards go out I'll have to post the out takes for those. :)

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