Sunday, October 28, 2012

Date Night!!!

So I have the most awesome husband. He told me this past week that we would be going on a date Saturday night and I needed to be ready to walk out the door by 4pm. My first question was "What about Jude?". He said he had everything planned and I wasn't to worry about a thing. Um, ok!
Saturday at 4pm our babysitter came to the door and we leave for our date. John drove downtown and parked right next to a strip of restaurants and I was immediately wondering which place we're going to eat at. Instead of walking towards the food, he turns me completely around to a huge park with the Capital building in the middle. Then I see our photographer whom I adore.
Side story: When I was about 8-9 months pregnant with Jude I was reading the blog Baby Rabies and Jill had just posted pictures from her date night photo session with her husband. They have 2 kids and wanted pictures of just the two of them. I showed John the blog and said I would love to do that one day. It could be a birthday or anniversary gift. This was when I was pregnant and haven't thought about it since. So anyway....
When I saw her I realized it was date night pictures and I was so excited. John told me to dress nice ( and I'm super glad he did) so I felt like I was dressed for the occasion. I was also wondering how he got an appointment with her because by August she was booked for the year and I wasn't even able to get Christmas pictures booked in time. He arranged this in JULY! He said he needed time to plan everything out and make sure he would be home and not traveling for work.
We took pictures for a little over an hour and had such a good time with it. It was so much fun! It was also stress free because we weren't on any time constraint and we didn't have a child with us to worry about.
After pictures we headed to the area with restaurants and ended up at a place called Chops, which is  comparable to Ruth Chris. We had fabulous steak dinners and just talked the whole time. Afterwards we headed to pick up donuts for breakfast and once we had the box in the car we popped it open for dessert. We got home just in time to kiss our baby goodnight and put him to bed.
It was such a perfect night. The fact that John has been planning it for such a long time makes me love him that much more. Alot of thought went into last night and I feel very loved that he did all of it for me. In his words, "You deserve it". Much more was said, but he truly is amazing and I am so blessed for my wonderful little family. :)
Kathleen put a few sneak peak pictures on Facebook, so here they are. When I get the c.d. I'll post more.

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Laurie said...

awesome pic! SIL did good.