Friday, October 26, 2012

On The Go

Jude can now climb onto Riley's couch, much to Riley's dismay, and look out the window.
 Sometimes he just needs to sit and take a break.
 We went to a going away party at a friends house for another friend who is moving to PA next week. Such a bummer!!!
Aidan playing.

Jude is now obsessed with climbing in/out and on/off things.

 I took Jude to the Children's Museum today. It was a hot and cold adventure. Before you even pay to get in, there is an area with a large Lite Brite. Jude adored it.

 We finally paid and made our way in. Our first stop was the "Baby Boomers" area. It's for tots under the age of 2.
Climb in...climb out.

 In the boomers area he fell down a stair. Even though I knew it didn't hurt, baby boy threw a tantrum. I offered him a snack to which he immediately stood up and had a smile on his face. Then I offered him grapes (his favorite). He looked at me like I ruined his life, threw himself on the ground, and kicked and screamed.
 I just sat in a chair and let him cry it out until he was ready to try for a different snack. The second time I got it right (applesauce). Then he was off to play.

Looking in his shopping basket.

Checking the cute kid out in the mirror.
 About 30 minutes later he decided to throw himself down yet again and I decided it was time to go. We headed out of the gate area back into the lobby (where the lite brite is). He immediately took off to play and we stayed another half hour.
He loved pushing this chair through the foyer area.

Climb up...climb down...and Mom snaps picture when she sees the best opportunity.

Snacking on the way home.
Children's Museum = Success (?)
Jude is into dancing now and I tried to vget him on video. Little did I know he would start to poop and I thought it too funny not to post. That's just me though.

Playing with a purpose.
His other favorite thing to do in the lobby.

We had a great week and now we're hyped up for Jackson's first birthday Halloween party tomorrow!

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Laurie said...

Looks like yall had lots of fun!