Friday, October 19, 2012

More pictures and videos from my phone.
Leaving the park after playing hard with Jackson.

I had a playdate at our house this week. I put out food for adults and kids to enjoy. The moms were able to just hang out and talk while the kids played. It was a good time.

After a spaghetti dinner.

We had a mall playdate this week and this is Jude and Jack playing.

Grapes in his hair.

This morning I took Jude to Barnes and Nobles to play in the kids area and get some books. He had a great time running around wanting me to catch him. :)

Cheese smile. LOVE this kid!

I took Jude to the park this afternoon since the weather was fabulous! Jude, of course, loved every minute of it.

Jude at the mall play area. He loves this place.
Riley was making Jude crack up.

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