Friday, October 5, 2012

Play Dates

Jude and I had a huge play date on Wed. We met around 10 or more moms and their babies. We had alot of fun. The first two pictures were taken by someone else that I took from her Facebook page. :)

Jude and I on the right. He loves being on/around me. I think I was tickling him.

Once again on the right with my son on top of me. Haha. He loves his momma!

Most of the moms and babies having lunch. Some moms were on the playground with their kids. We had a huge picnic and brought tons of toys for the kids.

Jude's newest thing.

"Do I have rice on my face?"

Jude and Aidan at a play date on Tues. His mom and I met for lunch and after we let the kids play outside. I really like this family, but unfortunatly they are moving at the end of October to PA. :(

Jude now gets his own kiddie lunch at Chipolte. When I got the spicy beef (which Jude has always eaten), the man said it may be a little too spicy for him. Um, no sir, my son has been eating spice since he was a baby. Jude went to town on it!


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