Monday, January 7, 2013

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 Weeks.
Total weight gain: 8lbs total, but I'll find out the new number Friday.

Maternity clothes: Yep. I'm in maternity clothes.
Sleep: Eh. Jude is waking up a few times during the night. Nothing bad, but he makes enough noise to wake me up and I have a hard time going back to sleep. Also, Peyton is  kicking and since he is so strong now, it keeps me awake as well.
Best Moment this week: Celebrating Riley's birthday, seeing a few of our friends, and Erin being home (!!!).
Movement: Yes. This baby is moving around like crazy now.
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: Hopefully not for another 17 weeks.
Belly button: Making it's way out.
Cravings: Chocolate! Chocolate poptarts are my new thing.
What I miss: I'm already mourning my one-on-one time with Jude. Love this boy.
Stretch Marks: None.
What baby is up to: Hanging out. Growing. Moving.
What I am looking forward to this week: Our week is already full and I'm so excited with all of our play dates, but I'm really looking forward to Jude's swim lessons Saturday.

Jude has his 15 month shots tomorrow (he's a bit behind schedule because he was sick at one point and they wouldn't give him shots until he was better, now his schedule is off) and I have my 24 week appt Friday. Other than that, our month is starting to fill up with play dates, girls day outs, and birthday parties. Lots going on over here!


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