Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Bathroom for the Boys

John and I decided the boys needed a more kid-friendly bathroom. We originally had a Moroccan theme going on from when we lived in Indy. I have been looking for months for a shower curtain I not only love, but is cheap enough. Anyway, ever since reading BabyRabies post about her shower curtain I knew I wanted it. However, Target no longer had it on their website or stores here in CA and Amazon was trying to sell a $20 curtain for $45. I was about to give up and I told John I would be getting the bathroom stuff from Target since I had giftcards to spend.
Sooooo, when John and I were in LA we were shopping at Target and decided to look in their bath area. SURE ENOUGH... there was my curtain!! I bought it, along with the accessories and was so excited to come home and redo the boys bathroom.

Old curtain
 New bathroom!!!

The green picture frame has 2 ultrasound pictures of Peyton and I ordered a picture of Jude for the red frame.
Anyway, I am super excited how it turned out and very thankful that Jill at BabyRabies has great taste. :)


Christine said...

Super cute!

Laurie said...

Love it!!

Leeanne Dyson said...

It's a good thing you went to LA! You found the exact design of the curtain that you wanted! I think it's really cute! I also like the colorful circles on the boys' bathroom wall! It takes away the boredom!

Leeanne Dyson