Sunday, May 23, 2010

John's Surprise 35th B-day/ Going Away Party!

A few weeks back I decided to throw John a surprise party. He starts the Academy on his birthday and I know his family would like to celebrate with him. Also, I know John wanted to see his family before he left and there didn't seem to be much time left. I called Thelma, John's mom, and Bob, John's best friend, and put things into motion! He was very surprised! He found out about an hour before but at least it was the day of and not days prior! Bob had the job of keeping John occupied and they went out for pizza and then to Easley's Winery for a drink. Thanks Bob for all of your help!! I got John a Purdue Corn Hole set for his birthday. He has always wanted one and I thought it would be fun to play at his party, so I gave it to him early.

I was so excited to see alot of his family attend. I know it was special for him and that really made me happy.

Thelma was in charge of the cake and she went above and beyond! There were 35 cupcakes and most of the candles were re-lighting ones. It was so funny watching him try to blow them all out! The cupcakes were delicious! Thanks, Thelma and David for everything! Y'all were amazing in everything! David mowed the grass and set everything up outside. Thelma took charge inside and made everything look gorgeous!

All in all the party was a great hit and John was so appreciative and very happy. He thought we all did a great job keeping it hidden. He is so happy he got to see his family before he left, since I know he was starting to stress about that. It was a great day with wonderful weather and amazing company! I couldn't have asked for a better party!


Linda said...

Love the pics! Wish we could have been there! Love you both.

Mark, Linda, Zack, & Katie

Linda said...

Cupcakes look yummy BTW!