Thursday, May 20, 2010

Married 11 months!

Happy 11 months to us! I can't believe it's already a month from our first year. It has flown by so fast! A year ago I was picking up my wedding dress and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I still think it's the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever laid eyes on, but I could be a little biased. I was confirming last minute decisions with the caterer, florist, photographer,the honeymoon cottage, ect. It was alot of phone calls and e-mails. Thank God I had e-mail on my phone or I don't know if it would have all gotten done. At 11 months I wasn't sleeping much because I was constantly thinking about the wedding and if it would all turn out. I was also worried/nervous/anxious/excited/overwhelmed at getting married. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew it would be great. It was also a time when people whom I barely knew gave their unsolicited advice (not family!!) about how hard the first year of marriage would be.

But here we are, 11 months into it and I can honestly say it has been so absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of it, including his being laid off. I love my husband more every single day and there isn't any way I could imagine my life without him. I'm so happy I worried about the wedding being nice, but I took more time making sure our marriage would be a happy one, and it is. Our marriage is wonderful, and the wedding ended up being perfect. :)

We're going to celebrate our 1 year this month since we may not see each other June 21 so I'll post pictures of that later!

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Laurie said...

Time sure does fly by! I am so happy for you honey that you foind someone like John, and isn't John the lucky one to have found you. I love you!