Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday was a day of relaxing and spending quality time as a family. Saturday was his party and we wanted some time to just hang out. We heard there were some things going on downtown, so we packed up Riley and headed to the circle. Sadly, the "big thing" downtown was for kids only. That means no doggies. This is John and Riley just after getting kicked out. Poor dog, he can't ever have any fun! We started walking toward the canal. It's one of our favorite places to be. We decided to take advantage of the shaded areas and relax.

Riley soon found his kind of heaven. It was hot Sunday and Riley needed some cooling off!

He's so enjoying it! I took off my flip flops and soaked my feet for a while.

There is a new little place on the canal called "Left Bank Cafe" and we needed a snacky (our term for 'snack') and water. They served dogs their own water bowl. I got fruit and french baguettes. It was more of a large crouton which I enjoyed. John got a crepe wrapped around grilled chicken and spinach. The food was really good! There was also a canal walk for Riley Hospital, which is why there are a million people walking behind me.

It was such a great day and I defiantly will miss these days with John when he's gone.

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Laurie said...

What a great day! Love you