Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busy, Busy

We have been super busy the past week. John and I have managed to pack up most of the house and moved the stuff to the other house. Saturday is our "big stuff" moving day. We're hoping to have everything, except the big stuff moved by then. I have already put up curtains and unpacked most boxes in the new house.

We've also been really busy with Jude because poor baby is teething, we think. I could be so wrong about that, but I'm hoping it's teething because the pain will soon go away after a tooth pops out. Temporary relief until the next one. Poor little man has cried more in 2 days than I've ever heard. I thought those few days in Indy were bad, man was I wrong! At least I believe there's a valid reason this time.

Anyway, I don't have a many pictures, just a few to update y'all.

Last few boxes full of kitchen things we needed this week. I'm finished cooking and we're using paper plates and plastic cups. All of the cabinets are bare.

Empty walls

Guest room was the first to be taken apart. John actually brought all the pieces to the new house and set the bed up there.

My poor baby. This was the first time we put him down today (except for his 45 minute nap) and he would play then shove his fingers in his mouth and scream. I finally put more orajel in his mouth and he's happily playing in it now.

My poor baby. I wish I could take away his pain. :(

I had to run to babies r us today (John didn't go to work until later) so I went without Jude. I saw this and I had a sad feeling that I could no longer park there and that I missed being pregnant. It was short lived though. The moment I got home I realized why we're waiting for a long time before another one. Don't ask John, he'll tell you Jude is our first and last.

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Megs said...

jude is so sweet- i am sorry to hear about his teething! i know tylenol worked for my kids, and after 6 months you can give them motrin which i had to do for all 3. luke was an early teether, and it was hard because he wasn't old enough to suck on the ice teethers or popsicles like my other two were.
as for the curtains- i would love to make them- but i don't have a sewing machine right now- i borrowed it from the neighbors. What you can do though is go to Joann's that is where I buy my fabric and they have IRON ON hems that all you do is cut to the size of the window, and then fold the hem, then iron. Some of my friends have done this and it works great. Then you just buy the curtain rings and so you can clip them onto either a curtain rod (what I had in our old house) or a tension rod (what I have in our current house). Tension rods are super cheap at Target- about 2-3 dollars each.
I hope this helps!!:) Can't wait to see pics of the new house.