Monday, January 2, 2012

Jude's First Taste of Solids!

It's probably less solids and more watery, but whatevs, it's still food time! We started Jude on oatmeal today. It went pretty good. It wasn't this huge mess I was expecting, he actually kept alot of it in his mouth. Our pediatrician gave us the ok the start solids a few weeks ago. We waited until this week because we were going home for Christmas and I didn't want people to think they had the green light to give Jude whatever they wanted. Thankfully, to my knowledge, he only had formula the whole time. (Though I wouldn't be surprised to find out otherwise judging by Jude's behavior since Indy. :))

"Feed me, Dad!"

Yum! Jude thought it was hilarious when John would do the "VVrroommmm" noise.

Lovin' him some oatmeal.

"More please!"

Got Milk?

He was full about halfway through so we'll try again tomorrow.

I haven't forgotten to blog about Christmas but it's a bit time consuming and time is not on my side right now. :)

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