Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some pictures during our move

We've moved! I had a whole blog post in my mind, but now that I am in front of the computer I have no idea what I wanted to say. It's been a few very stressful weeks and after tomorrow, hopefully life will go right back to normal! Jude, John, Riley, and I are doing really well. We're enjoying the new house. We're not completely unpacked but I hope to have house pictures up by the weekend. This post is just a plethora of pictures I've taken throughout the week.
John starting to load the first of 3 truck loads. We had everything except large furniture moved and yet it took 3 truck loads. I guess we have alot of big stuff.

Jude happily playing by himself during the move.

As you can see, us girls are hard at work. :) It was more 'hardly working'. There were 4 guys there so we just stayed out of the way. According to Michele, only I could make a moving party fun. Haha.

Thanks Linda and Dad for the king cake! It was delicious and everyone enjoyed a piece. The joke was whoever got the baby had to have the next baby. John got it. Lol!!

All of our friends eating Chipolte and enjoying each others company. It really was a fun day.

Jude enjoying a piece of king cake. Not!

Sunday I made a gumbo. The move was alot of work and I just wanted to relax the next day.

Jude having a good ole time playing.

Riley was napping, but he's enjoying his new view out of the window.

He was hard at play

Still playing. I love this face! I'm starting to notice we have a very serious child on our hands. He loves to laugh, but he also loves to look around and take everything in. He plays with precision now. It's so fun to watch!

Erin helped me de-stress by sharing her BUCKET of candy with me.

I wanna kiss those lips!

Jude watching TV at Erin and Jackson's house.

The boys interacting with each other. Jackson kept smiling and laughing at Jude, but Jude just stared at him trying to figure him out.

That's all the pictures I've got. We're having another play date tomorrow with Erin and Melissa. A new roof is being put on our house so we've had to leave the past couple of days so one more day of this and we finally get our house back!

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Laurie said...

Love the Jude pics! And the word "plethora"!