Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New House!

I don't have  new pictures to show, so this is more of a random post. I won't be posting pictures of the house for security reasons, but I will post pictures of the inside after we've moved in.

First, we signed a lease on a house Saturday! We are already starting to move our stuff into the garage while the landlords tidy up the place. We do the final walk through on Saturday and then we can fully move in.

It's an 1800sqft house, which is much bigger than our current 1230sqft house. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. All the rooms are bigger than what we have now. The master closet is a walk-in and the master bath has a soaking tub and double vanity. Certainly nothing we're used to!

There is a large family room (though this living room is much bigger) and a bigger kitchen. The dining room is off the kitchen open to the formal living room. We're using that as the office. 2 car garage and very nice, secluded backyard. We are very happy with the house and can't wait to finally move in.

We're still in packing mode, though I would say most things are packed and ready to move.

The house we are in now had a couple of offers and one was accepted. All this means for us is no one else will be coming by to look at our house! Thank goodness!

Jude had his 4 month shots last Tuesday. He is a whopping 17lbs and 5oz. He's still in the 75th percentile. When the doctor measured his head he laughed and said Jude had a big head. Haha. At least we know his brain is growing!

Yesterday I signed Jude up for swimming lessons! John and I thought it would be fun to have a family activity to share together. The pool is indoor and a nice 86 degrees. I'm really excited for that to start!

Jude has been having fussy and sleep issues, so we decided to switch his formula again. It's not nearly as bad as the Enfamil incident (I know, Mom, I'm seething with you right now too) but it's enough for me to know something still isn't quite right with my boy.

Otherwise, we are all doing well. John doesn't have to work until late today so I told him I would get up with the baby in the night if he got up with Jude in the morning. I was back in bed by 12:45am and slept until 9am. By the time I woke up Jude was already having his first nap of the day. :)

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