Friday, January 6, 2012

Jude's First Christmas

Christmas was pretty good this year. We spent a week in Indianapolis and St. Louis. Jude had kind of a hard week though. Before we left, he was really sick. I don't think he had much time to recover before we headed out. Then there was a 3 hour time change that did NOT agree with him.  It also didn't help that some people were saying "I can't wait to feed you sugar, Jude. I can't wait until your mom and dad are gone to feed you sugar". Needless to say, John and I agreed we aren't leaving Jude alone with anyone who said that until he's over a year and a half. Just saying...

It was kind of a rough week, but we managed to get through it.
Christmas morning

Judebug and Mommy

 Daddy and Jude

Sister Rosaire and Jude
  The BEST part about going home was Jude finally meeting his great aunts. Madonna and I have been writing to each other since we moved and she has spoiled us with boxes of goodies every few weeks. I know how excited she was to finally meet Jude and I couldn't wait until that moment.
Sister Madonna and Jude
 I truly wish we had more time to spend with them, but time was not on our side. Jude, John, and I went over to their house for a bit and of course there were 2 huge boxes full of goodies for us. Sister Madonna goes over and beyond for us. It's so wonderful to get her letters in the mail as well. I'm already excited for June so she can spend more time with him.

There were people in the Brays house every single night. Poor Jude didn't get a quiet evening, but he got to meet all of his family!
My friend Natalie, her baby Henry, Jude, and I

Cousin Grant and Jude

Parrain and Jude

After leaving Indy we went to STL and I feel it went much better. I'm not sure if Jude was getting used to the time change or the fact that it was only a 2 hour difference instead of 3. Plus, it was much quieter and Jude had his own room to sleep in. The first night he slept 7 straight hours, which was heaven for us. He still had issues napping but thank goodness for Mom who drove around for hours while he slept in the car.

John and I also had an awesome date night. We didn't get home until almost 10pm so Honey and Bear put Jude down for the night, which was a first for us! It was really nice to have a date night, especially after all the stress of the week!

We're back home and after a few very rough nights Jude seems to be heading in the right direction. He's still waking up way too early and not getting enough sleep, which makes for a very grumpy baby, but at least he's not getting up 3-4 times a night for no reason.

It was really good being able to visit with everyone in Indy and STL. We miss all of you already and can't wait to see you this summer!

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