Friday, December 23, 2011

Our little Christmas, 2011

John, Jude, and I celebrated our first Christmas together today. We had a great time and we all received lots of goodies!

Santa left some loot for Jude.

We must have all been good this year.

Thanks, Annie!! Jude loves his doggie!

Jude wasn't sure about the whole "unwrapping" thing.

We love the airplane ornament from Annie!

Of course she didn't forget about ole' Riley...

Jude loved the paper!

Thanks, Nanny Barbara for the ornament!!

And Jude's swimming lessons and swimming shorts! Hopefully he'll be starting class in the next couple of months!

John loved his picture mug of his boys.

One of my many gifts. John spoiled me this year (as he does every year).

We had a great time and now we're just doing some last minute packing and getting ready for our flight tomorrow!

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Laurie said...

Go Saints!!!