Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jude is 4 Months Old!! Gaahh!!

My sweet baby boy is 4 months old. My God. Where is the time going? We had a great week! We had a few play dates and Jude had a great time at each of them. He amazes me more and more everyday. Jude is starting to pull himself into a sitting position (from laying back on me, not from the floor up). His chest muscles aren't strong enough to hold him up though.  We will be starting solids here shortly, though I think we will wait until after the holidays.

Christmas present from the Brays and Lakers. Riley and Jude both fit in it. Hopefully in the spring it will be full of his friends when we go on a picnic or something. :)

We babysat Landon this past weekend. He was so good! He and Jude had fun playing together.

Jude and I had a play date with Erin and Jackson this week. We showed up in our pajamas and I brought over In-N-Out burgers. The boys just hung out while Erin and I talked for hours (as always). :)

St. Nicholas left a gift for Jude in his stocking for St. Nicholas Day. It was an Air Force shirt that John ordered online.

Not sure why but this picture cracks me up. He's such a ham.

The Jumperoo wore him out!!! I laughed for awhile and sent this picture to everyone I know!

Of course you were baby.

Daddy's cheese smile and Judebug

Shopping and lunch date with Erin and Jackson. It was our second play date of the week. We shopped at The Fountains, which is an outdoor shopping area, then headed to The Counter for burgers. Notice the blanket behind Erin, we made a breastfeeding area for her. The boys were so good and they just slept and hung out the whole time. Lets face it, when is Jude never not good?

And off to Target for the 5th time this week. I'm exaggerating. Well...maybe not.

"When God made me He was showing off." Yes He was Jude!

My sweet angel in bed with me. He slept really well that night but was still tired in the morning. I put him in bed with me and we dozed on and off for a while. We alternated between sleeping and playing. Best morning ever!

Yesterday we had a play date with Erin and Jackson (yes, our 3rd for the week) and Michelle and her son, David. Erin and I picked up lunch and headed to Michelle's house. We all had a great time and spent the entire time talking and laughing. Our boys were amazing and seemed to enjoy each other.

Jude was playing in Davids "motorcycle" and loved it!!

Erin holding David and Michelle holding Jackson.

Jude and Jackson napping.

Our 3 boys.
Jude and I had an awesome week. Next week will be just as hectic. Tonight John and I are having a Christmas party for all of our friends and their kids. There should be something like 4-5 babies. It should be fun! I'll blog the party later!

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