Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Jude Pictures...

 I have a few (ok, more than a few) pictures of Jude that I wanted to share. Some of them have been on Facebook, but some of our families don't have FB so I thought I would post them on here. Jude is getting big! He's weighing in at 14lbs and 14oz. He is still sleeping really well at night, usually only waking once to eat then he goes right back to sleep. Jude enjoys standing (with me holding him, obviously :)), his toys, playing airplane with daddy, and snuggling with me whenever he wakes up. He is by far the most amazing child I have ever laid eyes on. John and I spend alot of time playing with him and trying to make him laugh. His smiles are so contagious! We feel very blessed to have Jude as our child and we are looking forward to watching him grow. :)
Jude and Mommy

Another Thanksgiving picture

Daddy's cheese smile with a sleeping Judebug.

Upset with Mommy because he was hungry and I was busy taking pictures :)

Evening mirror play

Bundled up for an afternoon walk with Riley

My view from the front seat of the car. Jude is snuggled up in his blankets while running errands with Mommy.

Napping. This kid loves his face covered while sleeping which makes me so nervous! But it's just like how I like to sleep.

Jude and Daddy going on an afternoon walk.

Our family went out for chinese food one Sunday afternoon and Jude was enjoying watching Daddy eat.

*swoon* This picture melts my heart. This was one of the best parts of my day.
We are having a blast with my baby boy and I can't wait to share more pictures of our lives with him! Jude is sitting on my lap patiently waiting for me to finish so we can go play...gotta go!

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Missing yall! great pics