Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mall Playdate

Yesterday Michelle, Erin, and I, along with our boys, met at the mall for a little outing. We spent most of our time in the Nordstroms mommy area. It's a nice area that is hidden away from the rest of the bathroom with a comfy couch and chair and a whole changing area for babies. We hung out in there while we fed the babies and talked. We then had lunch in the food court. Afterwards, Jude and I headed home so I could put him down for a nap. It was alot of fun (as it always is with these girls) and we took some pictures. People were stopping to check out our cute babies and we waved at other mom groups doing the same thing we were. 

Erin, Michelle, and David. Jackson was sleeping in the stroller behind them.

I look terrible. I took my greasy hair down for the picture and I should have just left it up. Jude loved facing out and seeing all that was going on while walking.

Women were laughing as they walked into the lounge area of the bathroom. We took up alot of room!

Self portrait in the elevator with my little man.

Again, he covered his face with his blanket...

At the end of his 3 hour nap after our play date. This kid loves covering up his face! Cracks me up...

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