Thursday, December 22, 2011

Randomness before the craziness!

I thought I would do one last random post before the Christmas craziness begins. Santa comes tonight for Jude. We're doing our family Christmas tomorrow since we fly out Saturday. John is also off tomorrow so we're having a family day as well. Jude and I had a great week. Most of you already know that Jude's formula was causing those nightmarish days. I read about the Walmart formula. A few of you know *exactly* how horrible last week was for Jude and I. (Thanks for talking me down and answering my many, many phone know who y'all are!!) Let's just leave it at I was a mess....  Anyway, he's all better and our week was alot of fun!

Tummy time still sucks at our house. Jude apparently felt defeated and put his head down, thumb in his mouth, and passed out.

Tuesday Jackson came over to play so Erin could get her oil changed in her car. Melissa and Landon also showed up. We had a great play date! Erin brought us lunch and we talked the afternoon away. (Jackson wasn't sleeping, he blinked)

Sweet Landon

Riley wanted in on the fun, but he's too high energy for 3 babies in the house.

"Good Morning, Mom!!!" I usually can't catch his morning smiles, but I got this one!

Erin, the boys, and I headed to Baby Gymboree Wed. It was a blast and the boys had a ton of fun, as usual.
Jude mesmerized by the beach ball.

The boys

Erin and Jackson having fun!

Mommy and Judebug

All of the babies looking at the bubbles.

Jude trying to eat a ball during tummy time.

The boys conked out after class!

John was working today but wanted to know if Jude and I could meet him for lunch. Absolutely!! So we had a fabulous time at lunch and Jude was so happy to see his daddy!

My loves

Mommy and Jude. He was so good during lunch and he fell asleep on the way home.

Jude is now in his swing and I am making smothered chicken for dinner. I am also doing laundry, packing, and getting everything together for Santa to come tonight. I have a feeling Jude is on the "nice" list this year. I'll (hopefully) blog our family Christmas before we leave because I'm sure I'll have alot to blog about when we get back! Merry Christmas to everyone! I wish y'all a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!! Lots of love from California!

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Laurie said...

Those pics are so cute. Love his morning smile