Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party 2011

John and I had a Christmas party for all of our friends who work with John. ;) We had such a fantastic time! Everyone was late, which was kinda funny, but once the party got started it was a blast! About 4:30 I got like 5 texts from all our friends saying they were running late. Of course there were 5 (!!) babies here so I'm sure that was the reason for the lateness. Anyway...lots of fun!

Jude and I pre-party. He's wearing a reindeer hat, it was so cute!

Riley also had a reindeer hat.

Ella and Jack playing.

Jackson had a good ole' nap during the party!

Jude, of course, was in his jumperoo having a blast. Everyone couldn't get over how funny he was in it.

Erin, Jackson, Jude, and I

All of my girls and our babies. There is a a mom/baby missing because they had to leave early because Samantha was getting tired.

Erin, Randy, and Jackson

All the dads and babies. Once again, a dad and baby are missing.

Our family!

Sabina and Nasson. To Riley she is known as the "treat" lady.

Catherine, Pat, and Jack

Party favors I made. It was a "Naughty and Nice" party.

Just a cute picture of Jude this morning. :)

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