Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clipped Wings

Yesterday I clipped my wings. I'm going between being excited and a little depressed. I hate passengers, broken airplanes, bad weather, and always being exhausted. However, I love my pilots, the schedule with tons of days off, the freedom, the independence, everyday being different. I love who I am when the uniform comes on. I feel like I'm losing a little piece of myself by quitting. But, I'm also gaining certain aspects of myself that I lost when I became a flight attendant. It's a little weird, so I'm still determining how I feel about it.

Yesterday, being my last day, was a nightmare (of course). We got to the airport in Norfolk at 7am. Our airplane was broken and we were stuck there for 7 hours. This pic was taken by my first officer.
The Captain is in the backround, ruining my picture : )
This is our airplane.
Me and my first officer, Don, cutting up. These are the things I'm going to miss. Your stuck with the same people for 4 days straight. You become a little tightnit group. You deal with everything together. I always had someone to back me up and vise versa. I'm really going to miss that.
I tok this picture while sitting in my jumpseat. This is my view(except this is a little lower than normal) and yes there are people on the airplane. I took this after we landed. We finally got to leave at 2:30pm to go to Miami. We were stuck in Miami for another 3 hours bdfore we took a mainline flight back to STL. We got to sit in first class and eat a nice meal. WE got in a 10pm (we were supposed to be done at 2) and I had to sleep in the crew room because it was too late to get to Indy. I finally got on the first flight to Indy today and got home at about noon. One of my favorite pilots was the captain going to Indy so I got to hang out with him and tell him bye. That was awesome. So, anyway, Monday I am offically a pre-school teacher. This should be interesting....

Also, the last post was by John!


brandy said...

Great Blog Michelle!!! Congrats on the new job. Cant wait to hear all about it!

Christine Daigle said...

I can't wait to hear about all the little kiddies too!! Keep us posted.

Laurie said... are such a good flight attendant too. Their loss. The kiddies gain!

Lin said...

You'll be great at whatever you do!!
Can't wait to see you!