Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Vacation part 1

I am in Destin, FL right now. I added the first picture (I thought it would go to the bottom so I'll start with the first pic then go back). Anyway, the Oge' family (55 of us) all got condos on the beach. 2 of the families couldn't come but maybe next year. We are having a great time! There are so many people, yet there is always someone new I'm talking to and I finally get to see everyone. I decided to put up this pic of my dad and Sydney b/c it's so cute. My family has 8 babies born or to be born this year. She's 5 weeks old. Monday, my Aunt Beth welcomed another grandchild. 6 of the babies have been born, now we're waiting on 2 more! There is a whole new generation beginning this year.
Going back a little bit, this was the class I had on Friday. They were so cute and the little girl, Kyra, stuck to me all day long. She wouldn't let go! But I had a great time with them. Monday morning I start all over again.
Tuesday morning, we picked John up from the airport. We spent a total of 24 hours together before he had to leave. That will be my next post. We had such a great day! We laid out and he burnt a little. He finally got to meet the family. They all (of course) LOVE John. But doesn't everyone? After he left, that's all I heard was how great he was. The family had t-shirts that were made and he was the only person not married into the family that had one. He's well liked around here!
Monday was my godchild Cameron's 9th birthday. We celebrated by going to Fudrucker's. Only about 30 people went. Haha that sounds funny b/c there are so many more people. He had gotten a Wii so I gave him a gift card to Toys-r-us so he can buy some games. I hope he had a great birthday!!

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