Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our House

I haven't done a blog yet about our house in Indy. It's 2 and 1/2 years old. John bought it when we first met. 2 and 1/2 years ago I actually got to pick out the appliances. I was very excited about that : ) Anyway, it is slowly but surely going from a scary all beige house to a very colorful house. This is the front of the house. The Purdue flag is in the garden. (That's where John graduated college from). The 2 chairs on the porch are the most comfortable chairs we own. We spend many evening hours out here.
This is the kitchen. John is a huge fan of putting any and everything on the refrigerator. I have taken alot off and it still looks like this. The table and chairs were passed down to my mom from my great grandparents. My mom is letting John and I use them . She and I recovered the chairs. They came out really awesome and we are constantly getting compliments on them. Many hours and many stores later, we settled on the tablecloth. My favorite is the space. I LOVE a large kitchen! I like cooking and having people hang out in the kitchen. I think that's a southern thing : )
This is the front door mat. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. People laugh when they see it, but I guess they just don't get the hint.
This is the living room. Again, color is slowly being added. Behind where I took this picture are the stairs that lead upstairs.
This is the guest bedroom. The bed and bedding are all from IKEA. My personal favorite store. There is a dresser and small table but the camera couldn't pick up everything. There is also a wine room, office, master bedroom, and laundry room. More pics will come later. John and I decided to paint the office so I'll blog that when that happens. Right now we're working on sorting out the garage and fixing up the backyard. We volunteered our house next weekend for the neighborhood Bar-B-Que so I'll keep you updated on that. It was either our house or some vacant lot and I wasn't for that at all. Well, it's my day off before I fly my last trip tomorrow. I'm a little sad but also happy. I like new beginnings.


brandy said...

omg!!! the house is so.. cute!!! i want one!!!!!! i mean really the outside and the inside are just too cute!!!! ohh and i just have to comment i definatley think that the hanging out in the kitchen thing is def. a southern thing! that is because that is where the gossiping happens and the food gets eatin! anyways majorly cute house!!!

Linda said...

LOVE the house!! Seeing the way it is decorated reminds me of you! Well back to standing in my own kitchen(we
are having potatoes and sausage tonight and wishing you were here).

Michelle Claire said...

Brandy- thanks girl!! Whats been going on? You need to blog!! Miss and love you...

lin- potatoes and sausage? I'm salivating! love you!