Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Job

Hey!! I know my first day was yesterday, but I was so beyond tired, I barely got in the shower. It's been such a long time since I have felt that kind of exhaustion and didn't have 4 days off afterwards. I can't believe I have 3 more days to go. Today felt like Friday. Anyway, yesterday I was with 3 and 4 year olds. They were so fun and cute, yet very demanding. My parents used to joke that when I had kids I would run a boot camp. I think they were right. Today I was with the same 4 year olds and the kindergarden class. There is one child that I had to stop and count to ten with. Shes very clingy and aggravating. If there is such a thing as ADD, this kid is it. That's one of the things I don't like about it. However the things I do like... is this little girl, Samantha. She is an absolute doll. She's 4 and she likes for me to read her books and hold her hand when we go anywhere. She is adorable. I looked forward to seeing her today. I brought my camera today and I told the teacher I wanted to take pictures. She actually took the pictures while i was helping Samantha paint and playing with the other kids. It's a great place to work because it is a private school so the parents are really involved.
This is during play time. Today we had messy art and kiddie yoga. I had to get in yoga positions (owww) and paint and play in water. It certainly doesn't sound like a bad place to work. I'm still getting used to kids hanging on me screaming "Ms. Michelle!!!Ms. Michelle!!!!"
So, all in all, it's not so bad, I'm still getting used to it. But I'll blog more on Friday!


Lin said...

Don't you look cute on the floor with
all the kiddies. Just three more days
and you can relax for a week on the

Laurie said...

You don't look that much older than the kids!!! Of course they love you, who doesn't?

Michelle Claire said...

I can't wait for the beach!

And me and the kids are about all the same size!!!haha

brandy said...

ohh..looks like fun!!! congrats ms. michelle!!! haha that is soo..cute!