Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding and BBq

This weekend was very busy for John and I. Saturday night we went to a wedding (our first as a couple) and we had a great time. The wedding was in an old theatre and it was absolutely beautiful! The reception was also fun. John doesn't like to dance so I danced a few times with John's friends. They didn't play any slow songs.
Sunday was the BBQ. We had about 20 or so people who showed up. Some unexpectedly, but that was ok we were more than prepared. John spent all day cleaning the garage to perfection (which it was!!) and I stayed inside where it was cooler and cooked and cleaned the house.
I made a crawfish dip for the BBQ, but i decided I didn't like the taste of it on crackers so I made some rice and mixed it together and made a crawfish casserole. It was a hit and was gone shortly after I put it out.
I forgot to take pics so these 2 are at the end when some people had already left.
We had 2 expecting moms and 3 moms with kids so they laid out a blanket and played. We really had a good time and everything went off without a hitch. John kicked butt on the grilling. Those hamburgers were incredible!

Now, for my first day at work....I'll let ya'll know!


Laurie said...

That crawfish does look good. I am glad the shindig went well. Hope your day is going just as well and you are having fun! Love you.

BRANDY said...