Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, so Wed. was not very good. Let's just say me and 2 year olds do NOT mix. Mom did say there was a reason they were called the terrible two's. I went home very grumpy yesterday. So today I was with my cute little 3 year olds and in the afternoon they decided to put me with 1 year olds. I was really nervous. However, they were SO cute and are not yet into being terrible.
My last post had a picture of a little girl who was my favorite (she still is), well her little brother was in my 1 year old class today. I now have 2 favorites. They are both kind of shy, yet they have attached themselves to me, and not in an annoying way. It looks like a little backpack on his shoulders, but he broke his collarbone (ouch!) so it's a little support device for his back. My poor baby!
This is the 1 year old class. They are actually very funny (besides the snot) and I enjoyed them. So, today was a success! Tomorrow is Friday and I leave Saturday for the beach!YAY! And John will be home tonight for the 6th night in a row! And I had Chinese for dinner. Today was awesome!

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Laurie said...

Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you....guess the two years olds are bears!!!! love you honey and have fun at the beach!